Top 10 reasons to join:

  1. Strength in unity: Staying informed and working together empowers us as independent interpreters.
  2. Access to affordable medical, dental and vision insurance.
  3. Information & networking: Our website and Facebook group let you check in on the latest news, network with potential clients, and share experiences, information and thoughts on working conditions with fellow interpreters.
  4. The lowdown on wages: Ever wonder what other freelancers are really billing for services, rather than what an agency assures you is the going rate?
  5. Continuing Education: Get member prices on great trainings put on by IGA and our partners.
  6. Influence in Sacramento: Our parent union helps us to fight for IGA’s legislative agenda, like safeguarding the 24-hour cancellation policy and including freelancers in state-backed protections against unpaid wages. This year IGA’s efforts, along with our colleagues at CFI, were critical in passing AB2370, which protects court interpreter certification standards by requiring that certification numbers be read into the record.
  7. Legal advice: Our local’s labor attorneys inform our membership and help us stand up for our rights while staying out of trouble.
  8. Collections muscle: Get the pay you were promised! Our local can call upon clients to pay up on overdue invoices and members will soon have access to a collections agency as well.
  9. Grievance resolution: We’re working on a process to allow members to share issues or complaints with LSPs, law firms or medical facilities and work through IGA to find solutions.
  10. Discounts! Save money on Dell, HP, AT&T, Goodyear and many other products and services through Union Plus Benefits.