ATA In San Francisco Offers IGA Opportunity To Connect

The IGA booth at the ATA Convention offered a great chance to meet with up old friends and colleagues and make lots of new friends.

IGA’s message of unity and empowerment for the independent interpreter and translator is having a terrific impact throughout our industry. IGA’s plans to travel across the country and promote membership and support for our legislative agenda are just now being finalized. Reach out and let us know where we can find like minded, independent interpreters looking to organize and support our profession.

At ATA we met a number of LSPs looking to access our membership of highly qualified, certified and registered interpreters. Their challenge is connecting to the best and most reliable freelance professionals in our field and they see IGA as a valuable resource. We are looking into a number of ways to help our membership market their talents and make searching for independent certified and registered interpreters easier and more transparent.